Thursday, May 10, 2007

A Little Catnip Goes a Long Way

Well, I told you I shaved DH's head so let's start with that. Doesn't he look handsome?

I finally finished putting the zipper in the sushi wallet. This was a kit I originally bought from Scout's Swag for my PRGE (Punk Rock Gift Exchange) partner, Leslie. The kit was supposed to be mailed directly to her but there was a mix up in Scout's computer and it was mailed to me. When I told Scout about the mix up she shipped out a second wallet to my pal (who already finished hers) and told me to keep the extra! So cool of her and excellent customer service. I've had the knitting and felting done for a couple of months but just hadn't sewn in the zipper. It was my first time felting and that was fun but zippers, not so fun.

I finally got my April Rockin' Sock Club shipment and I love it! I already cast on and I hope to have them finished soon. The Silkie yarn is fabulous!

The kitties received some cat nip toys this week. They went a little crazy.

Keep your eye out, on the 19th I'll have a big surprise to show you! I'm so excited, I can hardly wait!


CjSachiko said...

He looks *so* thrilled... ;)

Sarah said...

He looks cool. I love your wallet- I have only felted one little thing. I hate to knit something so big just to shrink it. So what's the surprize?

Kessa said...

Your sushi wallet is too cute!

LesleyD said...

Your wallet looks SOO much better than mine! Mine looks like 6 pink white and green nipples sticking out! LOL
Hubby looks great with a shaved head. You did a great job!!!