Saturday, May 19, 2007

Crazy Coincidences

I was browsing around on the DeStash blog and spotted some good wool for felting. Since making the sushi wallet I've wanted to do more felting and the price was right. So I sent my email to the sealer and she said it was still available and I sent over my address. Now, she sends me an email back saying that she's going to be visiting in New Orleans this weekend and offers to hand deliver the yarn! How cool is that? This morning Jenn and I met at Cafe DeMonde and hung out and knit on our socks for a while. Those jaywalkers she's working on are gorgeous! The internet is a marvelous thing!

We decided to walk over to the yarn store in the Quarter, The Quarter Stitch. I picked up a skein of sari silk to try out and Jenn got a couple of skeins of sock yarn. Then as we're walking out the store we literally run right into Jerry Springer! At first we weren't sure if it was him but then this group of guys started yelling "Jerry!, Jerry!, Jerry!" And he waved a little and kept walking. We think he was looking for a place to eat lunch. Of course we both forgot our cameras!

Stay tuned for pictures of the big surprise! I'll be posting them tomorrow if all goes well.

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schrodinger said...

That's a cool way to score some yarn - esp seeing Jerry Springer - funny.