Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A Grandmother's Love

I get a lot of my craftiness from various people in my family. My Mom did a lot of sewing and some quilting and crocheting when I was growing up. My paternal grandmother sews and crochets. My materal grandfather did a lot of wood working. My maternal grandmother also sews, quilts and used to crochet. There are others in my family who are crafty as well but these are the ones I feel influenced me the most.

I've been bugging my Grandmother to make me a quilt for quite some time now. She quilts by hand and has made a number of quilts that are scattered through-out the family. Well, for my birthday (which was in January) this year she made me a quilt. It is so very lovely. Every time I wrap up in it I can feel my Grandmother giving me a hug.

There was a mix up with the address when she mailed it and it took a few weeks to get here. I was starting to panic but finally it showed up. She told me the pattern is called "Road Home to Tennessee."

All of my grandparents have been having more and more health issues recently and I wish I could spend more time with all of them because I know my time with them is limited. But time and money only allow so much. I hope each of them can feel all the love I'm sending them.


LesleyD said...

OH wow!!! It's beautiful!! I love the blocking! totally 3-d cubes!! I have a quilt that has been passed back and forth in my fam. It was made by my GreatX3 aunt. It is in great condition considering that it is VERY old and it has been used! It is beautiful hun!!! Thanks for sharing it!!

Sarah said...

I love those 3-D blocks! How cool! It's so beautiful, what a great gift to have from her. I love the blues, and considering the mail around these parts I'm glad it made it to you!!

Oh and I come from a whole bunch of crafty too :)

Leslie said...

Gorgeous... the quilt and your post about your family! It's so nice to see that you've put it on the bed. I love seeing heirlooms being used and loved rather than stashed safely in a closet. Very beautiful gift!

Anonymous said...

I know that the words on your card touched your Grandmother very much. She expressed how lovely your comments were and how she shed tears of joy as she read them. The fact that you felt like you were being hugged when you wrapped up in it. What a beautiful sentiment. I know she feels every bit of your love.