Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Sleeve in Progress

Well, it's not a knitted sleeve but I've made some progress on my tattoo sleeve! I have 2 more butterflies to go and then background. So far I have 18 hours worth of work into it. Walt at NOLA tattoo is my artist and if you're looking for a tattoo in New Orleans I highly recommend him.

I have finally finished the Baudelaire socks for the Cookie A knit-a-long with CJ. I really slowed down on my knitting there for a while. I think it was the first wave of the heat of summer and just feeling generally really blah about it. But things have been picking up again lately so hopefully I'll have more knitting to show you again soon.

Life in general has been very crazy and hectic. Nothing I can really go into details about either right now so I haven't been posting much. We are going on a little skydiving vacation next week and really looking forward to that, need some time away to ourselves and skydiving always feels good for the soul. Hope everyone else if enjoying their summer.