Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A first time for everything

I started working on a pair of knucks last August but then I had a knitting related injury. The way I was holding my dpns was putting a strain on my shoulder and I ended up in physical therapy for almost a month! So, the knucks have been sitting patiently and waiting for me to remember them. Well, I finally decided to make them to give to someone else so I had to finish. This is my first pair of knucks but I can see myself making more.

Michael's had a great sale on their t-shirts this past weekend and I picked up about 6 of them. One was a plain XL purple. I decided to try out my very first t-shirt recon with it. This is what I came up with. What do you think?

On the Weight Watchers front. I have now lost 21 pounds! Only about 70 more to go but I can start to see a difference now. Here is a pic to remind you of where I was before I started. Can you see a difference?

I also want to say a big thanks to Leslie. I was Leslie's pal for Secret Pal 8 way back last year. She sent me a thank you package with these adorable bags, one a drawstring and one a zippered pouch out of some amazingly cute fabric. I for some reason neglected to upload the picture to photobucket before leaving for work but I will add the picture for you all to be jealous over very soon. (Pic has been added.)


CjSachiko said...

I like the color of the knucks. You're looking great! WW is a wonderful program, keep at it. The recon'd shirt looks really cool too. Say hi to the DH!

LesleyD said...

I love your knucks!! LOL One day I'll finish my second one. Congrats on WW!! They do have a great program!

Valerie said...

That's a great job on the T-shirt! And the knucks are great. I need to make a pair. I keep starting and frogging because I get the gauge wrong. Congrats on the weight loss -- I am just starting on my own (~6 pounds down at this point), so I'll look to you for inspiration.