Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Thanks for playing

Thank you everyone for voting for me! I did not win unfortunately. Congratulations to Rebecca, the January Knit Girl. I've never been very good at winning the popularity contests. I was never on student council in high school even though I ran many times. I always seem to come in second. Oh well. I have the oppurtunity to try again next month but I don't know, once you lose, you feel pretty defeated and who wants to go through that twice?

There is still a winner here though! And by random drawing that winner is blogless ikkinlala (a.k.a. NicoleS on Ravelry). What did she win? This beautiful skein of Socks that Rock lightweight in the Spinel color! Congrats!


Emy said...

What's REALLY funny is that I have a skein of that, and I won it in someone's blog contest. Heh.

sprite said...

I never won any of the student council races I ran in either. Better luck next time!

Turtle said...

Congrats to your contest winner, bummer on the contest you were in!