Thursday, December 6, 2007

Mr. Greenjeans Progress Report

After my Ravencroft yarn arrived I cast on for Mr. Greenjeans right away. I'm using size 8 knitpicks option needles for the stockinette section and just swtiched to size 7's as called for in the pattern for the change to the ribbing/cabling section. I finished one repeat of the ribbing/cabling when it hit me just how close Christmas is and just how little time I have to finish all those presents! Mr. Greenjeans is officially on hold until I finish all my Christmas knitting and get the Christmas cards in the mail. I'm loving this sweater so much that it has spurred me to knit up those presents very fast and I'm halfway done with them already! You'll just have to wait unil after the holidays to see how well they're turning out.

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Katie said...

Thanks for your comments on my Knitty's always nice to hear from other nola knitters!