Monday, August 20, 2007

Signs of Improvement

Thank you everyone for the kind words about my migraines and the hospital stay. I got out of the hospital on the 10th, 3 days after I went in. The doctor gave me DHE treatment for the whole 3 days. The treatment made me sleepy and nauseous but I was feeling so much better when I got out of the hospital. But the headaches are returning. They aren't quite as bad as they were before going into the hospital but they seem to be getting longer and worse everyday heading straight back to where I was before. I don't know what to do. My next appointment isn't until the end of September with my current neurologist. I'm also thinking of going to another neuro for a second opinion but I'm not sure if they can offer anything else. I'm also considering telling the neuro that I will go back on the Topamax because it was the only thing that has helped to any degree. I went off of it last November due to the side effects. I'm just so tired of dealing with this everyday.

While I was in the hospital I decided to take some easy knitting with me and cast on for a pair of jaywalkers. I used some Panda Cotton in the Violet Breeberry color that I purchased on my vacation in Tennessee. The Panda Cotton feels dreamy knitted up but it is quite splitty while using it. I defanitely wouldn't use it with a really lacey pattern. Also, the put up is on the low side (~183 yards per skein), not sure if 2 skeins would be enough for a pair for say hubby's size 13's.

I'm having a lot of fun on the new motorcycle and have now sold the old one. Just have to get a bike for hubby now so we can ride together! Hope everyone has a wonderful day!


Sarah said...

Love those socks! Sorry to hear you are still having the headaches, I hope you can get some relief this time around and they can figure out how to stop them.

Glad to hear your father's recovering nicely, hope that continues too!

When it cools off we need to go walking :)

Cathy said...

Great socks. I know you must be disappointed not to come out of the hospital without a 'cure'. I think it wouldn't do any harm looking for a second opinion.

Good to hear your Dad is out, and on the road to recovery. HOpe they get the house situation sorted out.

Auntie94 said...

Glad to hear that your dad is doing better. Sorry to hear about the headaches. Have then done an MRI to rule out tumors? I hope they figure it out. We are still members of the migraine club. I will keep an eye out for word of new treatments. Miss you.