Sunday, March 18, 2007

Shark Attack

Hi and welcome to the new blog! I hope this one is more user friendly, for both you and me.

These two FO's are on the old blog but I had so much fun making them I just have to repost here. I also want to try and figure out how to do the smaller picture and then click on it to make it bigger so let's see...
These are the endpaper mitts based on Eunny Jang's pattern. CJ made the skully chart for me. The pink yarn is Claudia's Handpainted and the black is Gems Fingering Weight.

This is the Swallowtail shawl from the fall Interweave Knits. This was my first lace and I love it! The yarn is called Gentle from the Yarn Place. It's a cashmere and merino blend. I think it turned out a little on the small side and if I made another I would make it a little larger. A hint that I found for doing the p5tog is to slip 3, k2tog, pass the slipped stiches over, so much easier!

Just yesterday I finished a pair of socks for DH. These are in Claudia's Handpainted the limited edition Sharks colorway that I got at the Purlesence booth at Stitches West. These were supposed to be for me but started to turn out way too big. DH has been bugging me forever for a pair of socks so these turned into his. It's a simple 1x1 ribbing knit from the top down.

I'm working on my STR kit for the Inside Out socks. I'm a couple inches past the toe but they are going slow because the size 0's hurt my hands. I've started a second project, a circular scarf in Primero from Brooks Farm, also purchased at Stitches West, to give my hands a break.

Ok, let's hope this works.


Monika said...

I'm sure my daughter would love those fingerless mitts with skulls! They look great! So does the Swallowtail shawl! Isn't that a wonderful pattern? I'm taking it easy with knitting, it's hard, but I can already see and feel some improvement. Thank god I like reading too! ;o)

get stitchy! said...

Congratulations! You're on get stitchy!

Thanks so much for submitting your blog.

Karen said...

Hi!! Thanks so much for you nice comment about my Kiri Shawl. I'm so impressed with your Swallowtail - I can't believe that's your first lace project!! Kiri is my first lace too, and I had looked at the Swallowtail pattern but was intimidated. I think I'll do that next though. This lace knitting is addictive, isn't it? I seem to be lace obsessed now. :)