Sunday, August 17, 2008


I know a lot of you have been waiting to find out what the secret project was that I have been working on. Well, the wait is finally over. I was designing my very first knitting pattern! It's a sock pattern called Amaterasu after the Japanese Sun Goddess. I couldn't mention it before because I was hoping to get it published but that didn't happen. Thanks to wonderfulness that Ravelry though I'm able to offer it there as a free download to anyone who is interested in trying it out. Let me know what you think! Here is the link to the Ravelry Page or here is a link to the direct download of the pdf in case you're not on Ravelry yet. The yarn used is Crystal Palace Panda Silk Print and the coordinating Panda Silk Solid for the toes and heels. I loved working with the Panda silk, it's so soft and silky. It's a little on the thin side for sock yarn but not nearly as splitty as the Panda Cotton was. I think it would also make a beautiful silky lace scarf. Because of the thinness I worked these socks up on size 0 needles. Hope you enjoy the pattern as much as I did.

I haven't done as much knitting this summer as I would've liked. I think some of it has been the heat and some of it has been other parts of my life taking over my knitting time. Like getting a Wii has definately impacted my knitting time! But the time I have spent knitting has been good quality time and I've enjoyed it. I'm doing some more designing as well and I really like it so keep an eye out for more that coming in the future, maybe even something will eventually get published, we'll see.

For those tracking the progress on my sleeve tattoo I also got some of the background filled in on that yesterday. I think 1 more sitting and we should be done! It's been an adeventure and a journey and a transforming experience. What about you, how have tattoo's impacted your life? Have they always had the effect you anticipated?


Pam the Yarn Goddess said...

Your socks are gorgeous, and I'm definitely downloading them! I'm sorry they didn't get published. It makes you wonder what those editors are thinking when they choose patterns - those should have been published.

Your sleeve is also gorgeous! I have full sleeves on both arms and love them. I never intended to get full sleeves, but you know how tats are - they sort of call to you. Mine are Native American with one memorial to my grandfather. I find that most people stop me on the street to talk about them, although there are those who have pulled their kids away from me thinking that I worship the devil or something. Since I volunteer at Folsom Prison, I fit right in there - in fact, the inmates are impressed with my tats and accept me more because of them (I think it's because I sat through the pain - they take it as a sign of respect). I also have tats all over my body in various places. I've been getting them since I was 18, and I just turned 50. That's a lot of time to cover a lot of flesh!

Good luck with future additions and be sure to post pictures of them!

Samsara said...

I like the colourway you used for these socks, they're difinatley sun colours! The new tat is coming along nicely :-)

old man look at your life said...

What the h____ you doning getting all them tatoos? You know me just kidding. love them. can't wait to see it complete. As for the socks. You haven't give me none to fiind out how i might like them. Just giving you hard time again. Well in closeing, keep your grandmother in prayer and me, and I will keep you in mine. well I do that anyway. love you take all the money. just kidding take care love you. bye

Sarah said...

Those socks are really great! Not sure why they weren't accepted to be published, especially when I see some things that are... just not to my taste, I guess.

We need to get together. I'm just waiting for free time, ha ha ha!

KC said...

I am looking forward to knitting your sock pattern. Thanks for the free download. I just love your kntting tatoo, which lead me to your blog.

My latest tatoo was a fun one and only lasted 2 1/2 hours. I have some fun pics on my blog from the experience.

Back to the socks, I knit some of the tofutsie yarn on size 0's which may be what I use for your pattern. I just don't get it when sock patterns call for fingering weight yarn and size 2 needles. They would be soo loose on my legs at that gauge.

Well, take care, KC

ducky said...

The butterflies are really beautiful!
Thanks for sharing the sock looks like a fun knit : )
Wishing you all the best during Gustav and the stormy season.

LesleyD said...

OMG! Love the Butterflies, LOVE the sock pattern! Big hugs lady!!

drlaura said...

funny, i was born in japan -so i knew who Amaterasu was! and i think these are sooooooo perfect for the Sun Goddess!
anyway, i'm drlaura "sock guru" for crystal palace yarns. we'd love to link to you on our blog and show your pics if you'll give us an ok?
my email is

ALSO, Susan, owner of crystal palace yarns, just loves your design. we'd like to offer you some more panda silk - or the new DK ps if you're interested? and hope you will let us put your pic up on our sock pages at - the page would direct people to you at ravelry.

blessings, :L

DarkestBlaze said...

I love your sleeve and your socks! I wanted to get my boob pattern published, but found out the rules too late.
I hope you have better luck with your next pattern.

stephanie said...

I just spotted your arm on ravelry...then I see your butterflies!! SO rad!